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Hey are you all done with those textbooks?

We buy textbooks for cash! Bring them into the bookstore weekdays during our regular business hours, or use the form below to mail them in.

Recycling your textbooks by selling them is good for the environment and lowers the price of textbooks for everyone! While the best time to sell your books is during exam week each December and May, the UVM Bookstore does buy back textbooks weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Please bring any books you want to sell to the Customer Service counter on the 3rd Floor of the Bookstore. If the books are being used here, the Bookstore will pay top value for them. If the Bookstore doesn't have a requisition from a professor for that title, then a used book wholesaler may buy the books so they can be used at other colleges and universities throughout the country. These books are valued at up to 1/3 of the new textbook price and are based on national supply and demand.

Please keep in mind, many books now include a CD or other inserts. It is a good idea to bring the inserts with the books because the value may be significantly lower without these inserts. We can buy certain loose leaf books, as well as books purchased from places other than the UVM Bookstore. You do not need a receipt to sell your books. Please remember to not sell any books you may have rented and still need to return.

Sell Textbooks

Our online pricing look-up is turned off during the start of semester book buy back. For best pricing bring ALL your texts to the UVM Bookstore in the Davis Center. We'll buy them no matter where you originally purchased them. Thanks for your understanding--this ensures your getting the best quote on your books!